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Photography can be a good reminder of all the beauty and life the world holds and how much we have to value. This can and should inspire us to protect it, but it can also seem overwhelming at times to know what each of us can do to help. I'll be collecting some ways here that you can make a positive difference in the hopes that it helps spread the word and make it easier for you to effect positive change, even in the littlest of ways.

Click on one of the three collections below to get started! I'm not an expert, so these are just things that I have found or heard about, but hopefully it helps! Feel free to shoot me a message if you've had an experience with any of these or know of something else that should be included!

General disclaimer: I am not affiliated with organizations featured here and am not an expert on these issues. This is just a collection of ideas and leads for you. I’ve done my best to try to make sure they come from safe sources, but make sure to double check info and organizations as best you can for integrity and accuracy too (and if you know of or notice any issues, give me a shout!)

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