An Afternoon at Ruby Beach

With the weather being so nice, I liked the sound of an afternoon and sunset at Ruby Beach. It can be a fairly popular spot when the sun is out, but there was enough space that it still didn't feel too crowded. I like how there's an open feel, but it all seems fairly centralized, too. There's a lot to explore on the beach, by the water, and around the cliffs. The trail to the beach itself is also quite pretty. Abbey Island and a few rock formations stand guard nearby.

As the sun began to set, I enjoyed watching the way it lit everything up and turned the sea to liquid gold. As shadows deepened and the sun sank below the horizon, it was wonderful to watch alongside the surf. There really aren't words needed for things like this, so again I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. 

I love when there's reflections in the shallow water like this...

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