Seaside Stargazing

I was able to get out to Second Beach for the night recently. I love camping out there. The trailhead can be a little hard to spot, but it's at the far end of the parking lot and has some trash bins and information. From there it's a pleasant jaunt through the woods over slightly undulating terrain to the beach. There's a fairly long section of stairs that makes up the final descent. Once the beach is gained, you usually have to clamber over quite a bit of driftwood before reaching the sandy beach itself. When I got there that night, the tide was the highest we'd seen, so we ended up having to get pretty creative to make sure we camped safely! (And on that note, can't stress enough how important it is to be aware of and track the tides when beach camping! [or exploring the coast in general] Be safe all!) 

Found a small section of sand between some logs of driftwood up close to the treeline. My body fit in the section, but my whole tent did not. I managed to gently drape the tent over adjacent logs with enough slack in the middle to sleep on without the tent being in danger of tearing - it made for quite the funny picture!! Worked just fine, though. XD

Before settling in for the night, I wanted to really savor being there with the crashing waves and the stars above. It was a lovely clear night with just a few hints of clouds here and there. I ventured out to the end of the driftwood pile where the waves were crashing upon the edge (still staying far enough back to be safe and keeping a wary eye on the waves - I love the sea, but I don't trust it). There was a perfect large and flat driftwood log that I sat on for a while. It was longer than I initially thought, because near the end I realized dawn was approaching! 

Dawn approaches

With some last glances, I removed myself from my perch and went to retire for the night (in my little funny tent XD). The next morning had me laughing as I heard day hikers talking among themselves as they passed my setup, "That looks uncomfortable. Don't they know there's a whole beach out there?" High tide, guys. High tide. (And I can hear you. Tents are not necessarily known for their soundproofing... ; P)

#FindAWay XP

After spending some time on the beach that day, I eventually headed back out. I really do love the path through the woods too. It makes for such a beautiful transition.

(yes, it really was that green 0.0)

Before leaving the area, I wandered up the road a bit to savor the sunshine and the view of the sea a bit more. I came upon an area that for some reason I hadn't seen before with an information plaque at an overlook. Curious, I went up to read it. It identified the island viewable from the overlook as A-ka-lat and described its importance to the Quileute people.

I don't trust my knowledge enough to summarize it here, but it's inspired me to do some more research and get back on it! I'd encourage anyone reading this to give it a look as well!

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